Dave Schwep

Director of Photography

Born in Maine and raised in Oregon, Dave Schwep began his photography career at the age of 19 on the ski slopes of Big Sky, Montana. Always enterprising, he then worked a 6 month commercial fishing venture in Alaska, zigzagged across country on an adventurous road trip, and finally landed in Miami’s South Beach, where he shot fashion and glamour photography. In 1999 Dave decided to move to Hollywood and pursue a full-time career as a professional photographer. He made his way through head shot, editorial, fashion, and event photography using film…until the development of digital photography. In the digital medium, Dave discovered his own unique process of creating signature art by using thousands of individual stills to produce video. The result is the illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static pictures, or Dreamsequences, which became the name of his production company.

Through Dreamsequences, Dave has applied his unique process to advertising, television promos and, in 2008, he expanded into cinematography and film production, creating his first short, “Bordeaux”, starring “Star Trek’s” Zachary Quinto. Dave also took his cameras and signature process into Peru, where he was the director of photography for the documentary “Stepping into the Fire”, and Haiti, where he continues to shoot for charitable organizations. In 2012, Dave won best documentary at the HollyShorts Film Festival as director, cinematographer, and executive producer of “Bo: a Journey of Redemption”, and he recently completed shooting a documentary in Mexico about Carlos Santana for HBO Latino. A sampling of his television credits include the popular shows House, Glee, Modern Family, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, American Idol, X Factor, New Girl and an the on-air promotional material for Cinemax’s critically acclaimed original series Banshee.