Director of Photography

Dave Schwep is an accomplished director, cinematographer and photographer. His recent ventures include directing a feature film, writing scripts for multiple features, as well as extensive advertising/commercial work. Since launching his Dreamsequences production banner in 2006, Schwep has become known for his innovative use of photography and cinematography in television, music videos, documentaries, shorts and stills. His unique combination of capturing stills and motion began with the 2008 short film “Bordeaux” starring Zachary Quinto (“Star Trek”). In 2012, he produced and directed “Bo,” which was recognized by the HollyShorts Film Festival as best documentary short of the year. Schwep’s wide range of television work includes behind-the-scenes and promotional video and photography for iconic small screen hits like “Game of Thrones,” “New Girl,” “Glee,” “American Idol,” “Modern Family” and dozens of other series. In addition to his commercial work, Schwep also partners with charitable organizations to document disaster recovery and social injustice across the globe. He and his production company, Dreamsequences, are based in Los Angeles.